This is where you click to after add products…. Now you have 4 icon down because you have login
Here once you get to the site you click then create and account, go to your email to verify invade is not in your inbox go to your spam box and confirm
This is after you verify your account and login then you click here
This is where you click after you click the user icon then you dashboard will pop out
This is setting where u fill in your personal details then the close
This is the icon you click to start posting …….down their we have search button, user button, message button, then compare button

This is how schoolshop works once you go your browser and type in schoolshop then you will see an icon Down click on the the icon after search then it will take you to where to login then as a first time user you click on create an account fill in then go to your email for verification but know that the email may be in your spam box if it is not in your inbox once you click on verify…… You can go ahead and login once you login those icon will be three now what you have to do is click on the user icon then click on the left icon top then you dashboard will show you can then go to settings and fill in your details after that close u dashboard then click on your top right hand icon to post……thanks